Dr. Root

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(3-1-1) w/ Mycorrhizae + Azospirillum

No-Brew Rooting Tea

Dr. Root is a natural rooting inoculant that combines root growth promoting bacteria, endomycorrhizae, and aloe vera extracts to promote new root growth and root mass development. This rooting formulation contains:

  • Beneficial Microorganisms (endomycorrhizae, azospirillum spp., brevibacillus, spp.,)
  • Pre-Biotics (proteins, carbohydrates, etc.)
  • Root Growth Promoting Substrate (aloe vera extracts, precursors to rooting compounds, seaweed extracts, and humic acids)

Beneficial Bacteria

Rhizophagus irregularis
Azospirillum brasilense
Bacillus licheniformis
Brevibacillus laterosporus

Application Information

Container Plants (Soil / Soilless): Mix 1 tsp. (2.5 grams) – 1 TBL. (7.5 grams) of Dr. Root per gallon of water and apply to seedlings, rooted cuttings, and upon transplanting.

Seeds: Mix 1 tsp. (2.5 grams) per gallon of water (¼ tsp. per 1 Qt of water). Soak seeds for 12 hours in the Dr. Root solution. Then drain and plant seeds into the desired medium.

Clones: When clones are first taken, soak them for 15 to 30 minutes in a Dr. Root solution at 1 tsp. (2.5 grams) of Dr. Root per gallon of water. Lightly moisten the propagation plugs with Dr. Root solution and plant into plugs. Rehydrate with Dr. Root when plugs dry.

Transplanting: Mix 1 TBL. (7.5 grams) per 1 gallon of water. After planting, apply liquid concentrate over the root zone to water the plant. For best results, lightly dust the transplant hole with granular mycorrhizae before transplanting.

Safety Data Sheet